Pricing by ISBN

This feature makes it easy to update many books' prices using Bulk Price Update. The report tracks books with price updates and allows you to reset the prices.  

Only Site Administrators can bulk update prices.

Select Commerce in the left menu, then select Pricing by ISBN to bulk update prices for groups of books by ISBN.  


All components and fields with a red asterisk (*) are required. 

Bulk Price Update

List price update percentage

Discount books by entering a negative List price update percentage, which strikes out the original price and displays the discounted price next to it, along with a Discounted banner on the book covers. 

Enter a positive List price update percentage to increase the book prices. An increased price displays like an original price, giving the customer no indication that the price increased.


Enter a list of ISBNs, one ISBN per line, to include in the price update. 

Update prices

Select Update prices to process the price change.


The report displays books included in bulk price updates. Each book’s Product title, ISBN, price change Date, Percentage change, List price, and current Price display in the list. 

You can revert products to their original prices by selecting the books to reset, selecting Reset product price for the Action, then selecting Apply to selected items. Confirm the change by selecting Execute action. Reset books no longer display on the report.