Offsite Pickup

Offsite Pickup is a shipping method customers select when they’re picking up orders at a location other than your store. Create offsite pickup methods for school book fairs, offsite author events, and any time you’ll provide books at different locations. For recurring offsite events, you can enable the pickup method leading up to the event, then disable it when the event is over. It’ll remain on the list to be enabled in the lead-up to the next event. 

Only Site Administrators can add, edit, enable, or disable shipping methods. 

Select Commerce in the left menu, select E-commerce Settings, select Shipping, then select Shipping Methods page to create, edit, and delete shipping methods. 


All components and fields with a red asterisk (*) are required.

Add an offsite pickup shipping method

  1. On the Shipping methods page, select + Add shipping method
  2. Select Offsite Pickup for Plugin
  3. Enter a Rate label that describes the offsite pickup location, such as a school name or the event venue.  
  4. Use Rate description to provide customers with additional details about offsite pickup. This could include where they go to pick up their order at the school or venue.  
  5. You can choose to charge for offsite pickup or leave the Rate amount blank and not charge.
  6. Tier 2 stores with multiple locations can select a Store associated with the pickup method for taxes and order processing. Tier 1 stores default to their store. 
  7. Enter Pickup Address information. 
  8. Leave Enabled checked to allow customers to select the offsite pick-up method. Uncheck Enabled to disable this method. 

Select Save to save the offsite pick-up method.