Credit Card Payments

To offer credit cards as a payment option on the website, you must have a Merchant Service Provider to process credit card payments and an Payment Gateway account. is the gateway between your website and your credit card processor and is the only payment gateway currently supported by IndieCommerce. Ensure your account is live before configuring this payment method. 

Only Site Administrators can configure 

All components and fields with a red asterisk (*) are required. 


  1. Select Commerce in the left menu, select E-commerce Settings, then select Payment
  2. Select to enable the payment method. credit_card_menu
  3. Select the settings page link to configure the payment gateway. 
  4. Enter a Display name that customers see at checkout. 
  5. Set the Mode to Live.
  6. Enter your Login ID and Transaction Key. Log into your account to find these. 
  7. Always save credit cards stores a reference to a customer’s credit card when they are signed in when placing an order. Customers cannot opt out of this. This option makes it easy to charge a customer's credit card if they change their orders. It is fully PCI-compliant. 
  8. Set Conditions to limit when customers can pay by credit card. For example, select Total price from the conditions menu, select Greater than or equal to for the Operator, then enter 5.00 for the Amount. This requires orders to be $5 or more before customers can checkout with a credit card. 
  9. Select Save to save changes to the payment method.