Pay at Store

Pay at Store allows customers to pay for online orders at the store when they pick up the order. Because they’re paying when they pick up the order, Pay at Store is available only for store pickup orders. 

Only Site Administrators can configure Pay at Store. 

All components and fields with a red asterisk (*) are required. 

Configure Pay at Store


Enable Pay at Store

  1. Select Commerce in the left menu, select E-commerce Settings, then select Payment
  2. Select Pay at store to allow customers to pay for online orders when they pick up the order at the store. 
  3. Select the settings page link to configure the payment gateway. 
  4. Enter a Display name that customers see at checkout. 
  5. Enter Payment instructions that provide more information about Pay at Store. Customers see this message at the end of checkout and in the order confirmation email.
  6. Set Conditions to limit when Pay at store is available. For example, select Billing address, then select Add and select your State to limit pay at store to customers with billing addresses in your state. You can also select Limit by postal code and further limit it to billing addresses in postal codes near your store. 
  7. Select Save to save changes to Pay at Store. 

Additional Pay at Store settings

These settings are below Payment methods in the Payment section of E-commerce Settings. 

Pay at Store is only for products in Local Store Inventory limits the pay at store option to items that are in stock at your store. This prevents customers from being frustrated with orders that take longer to arrive at the store, especially during the holiday season. 

Pay at Store is only for products that are not pre-orders limits the pay at store payment method to products that are available now. Pre-orders will require payment using a credit card or PayPal.