Independent Bookstore Day

If you are participating in Independent Bookstore Day and ordered IBD-exclusive products, you can promote those products on your website. You will also have the option to sell these IBD-exclusive products on your website on or after IBD. 

For all participating stores this feature will be enabled and you can set the On Sale Date. Once the date is set, you’ll have access to manage IBD-exclusive products. 

Only IBD-exclusive products you publish will be displayed on your site. Customers can add IBD-exclusive products to their carts on the On Sale Date. Prior to that, the products will show they’re not available until Independent Bookstore Day. 

Setting the On Sale Date

Once IndieCommerce has enabled Independent Bookstore Day for your website, you can specify when to activate the Add to Cart button for IBD-exclusive items on your site. To make items available on Independent Bookstore Day, set the date to the current year’s event. You can also add the time if you want to prevent customers from placing orders before your store opens. Set the date to the day after to sell remaining exclusives after the current year’s event. 

  1. Select Commerce in the left menu, then Fulfillment Settings.
  2. Expand Independent Bookstore Day. 
  3. Set the On Sale Date and time. The time is based on your store's time zone, which is set in Configure > Store Information. 
  4. Scroll down and select Save


Manage IBD Products

After setting the On Sale Date, you can manage IBD-exclusive products on your site. By default, all IBD Exclusives are unpublished. 

  1. Select Commerce, then Products.
  2. Under Type, select IBD Exclusive.
  3. Under Published Status, select -Any-, then select Filter


Select the IBD Exclusive products you want to publish to the site, then select Publish product under Action on the toolbar at the bottom, and select Apply to selected items. You can also select Edit under Operations for an individual product, scroll to the bottom, select Publish, then select Save to publish one product at a time.

Promote IBD Products

Use Product Lists to promote IBD-exclusive products on your site, then add the Product List to the Home Page or as a Menu link. 

Create CTA blocks using IBD pictures from your store or assets provided by the ABA, then link the CTA block to the Product List.