Non-shippable Store Merchandise (Tier 2 only)

Non-shippable store merchandise is like regular store merchandise but can’t be shipped, usually because it’s not physical merchandise. Event tickets are an example of non-shippable merchandise. Customers can purchase them on the site and you email the ticket information to them (for example, through Eventbrite). Non-shippable merchandise cannot have variations. 

Customers who add non-shippable merchandise to their cart and checkout are not prompted to select a shipping method or store pickup. They are taken directly to selecting a payment method. 

Sales tax for non-shippable merchandise is calculated based on the customer’s billing address. 

Site Administrators and Content Editors can create, edit, and remove non-shippable store merchandise.

Select Create in the left menu, select Product, then select Non-shippable Store Merchandise to create any merchandise that isn’t shippable. 


All components and fields with a red asterisk (*) are required. 

Create Non-shippable Store Merchandise

  1. Enter a Title for the merchandise.
  2. Select a Product Category. You can have shippable and non-shippable merchandise in the same category. Select Add another item to add the item to more than one product category. 
  3. Enter a Description of the item. 
  4. Define the Product information, including a SKU, Images, and Price
  5. Leave Published selected to publish the non-shippable merchandise to your site. Unselect if you don’t want to publish the merchandise yet. 
  6. Select Save to save the non-shippable store merchandise.