IndieCommerce 2.0 Feature Updates

It has been a couple of months since our last feature update. During this time, our team traveled to Cincinnati for Wi 2024 where we conducted an in-person workshop and met many IndieCommerce users in person. We migrated several IndieLite and IndieCommerce stores and developed some key features for IC 2.0.

Tier 1 and Tier 2

  • Independent Bookstore Day (IBD) : If you are participating in Independent Bookstore Day and ordered IBD-exclusive products, you can promote those products on your website. You will also have the option to sell these IBD-exclusive products on your website on or after IBD. Please refer to the help document for instructions.
  • Events
    • Upcoming Events - A new ‘upcoming events’ view is available in this relative URL ‘/upcoming-events’. You can configure the number of events you wish to include in the Upcoming Events view from Dashboard > Configure > Site Settings > Event Settings
    • Events List page (/events) now includes images from events. When a customer visits this page, it will scroll to the current day’s event or the  next upcoming event
  • Webform
    • Few of the webform elements that had different fonts, font sizes and alignment issues have been resolved.
  • E-Gift Cards
    • E-Gift Card codes are generated as soon as the order is marked as Completed. Store staff can see the generated E-Gift Card codes under Dashboard > Commerce > Gift Cards, but the customer cannot see it or use it until the delivery date. Having access to the E-Gift Card number as soon as the order is completed is important to some stores to log the sale in their POS.
    • Customers cannot order multiple quantities of the same E-Gift Card as the system can send only one email to a recipient per E-Gift Card order item. If a customer wishes to purchase multiple E-Gift Cards in the same order, for the same recipient, the E-Gift Cards should be added multiple times to the order
  • Commerce
    • Shipping and Billing addresses - We have included additional validations for the shipping and billing addresses for the supported countries on the website. This is important when a store does not allow the same set of countries for Shipping and Billing. Dashboard > Configure > Store Information > Supported Countries (Shipping and Billing)
    • Customer Lookup - (Most sought after feature) Stores can look up orders by customer name (not just email) - First / Last / Full / Preferred / Partial. A new tab ‘Orders by Name’ is now available on the Active Orders page. Dashboard > Commerce > Active Orders
    • Legacy Shipping Methods - When a site is migrated from IL / IC 1.0 to IC 2.0, the shipping methods used on the 1.0 site are migrated over as ‘Legacy Shipping Methods’. These methods should not be edited or deleted. These legacy shipping methods, which were previously listed with the shipping methods created on the 2.0 site, are now moved to a separate tab to keep things organized. 
    • Refund CC transactions - When a store refunds captured CC transactions from the Payments tab of an order,  the refund amount and refund transaction ID are logged and added to the Order Activity. (This was missing earlier with no reference to the refunds)
  • Ingram CDF
    • Orders with multiple shipments will not be eligible for Ingram CDF. If a store staff edits an Ingram-eligible order, splits the shipment into multiple shipments or adds an additional shipment, the order will become ineligible for Ingram CDF