IndieCommerce 2.0 Updates - December 14, 2022

This week's robust list of new updates and brand new features to IndieCommerce 2.0 - MyEmma for Email Marketing, Store Merchandise search, recover orders incorrectly marked as ‘Fraudulent’ and more.

Tier 1 and Tier 2

  • Store Address in the footer Connect block is optional : Stores that don’t have a physical location yet, or have multiple locations, can display a custom text in the Connect block instead of the store address.
    • Configure > Store Information > Edit > Alternate Address
  • MyEmma - Email Marketing : The integration for MyEmma is available. Stores that would like to use MyEmma should contact for next steps.
  • ‘Recalculate Shipping’ button on the checkout page : The ‘Recalculate Shipping’ button has been removed from the Shipping Information pane. As soon as the customer enters a shipping address, the allowed shipping methods are calculated automatically and the associated shipping costs are adjusted accordingly.
  • Recover an order marked as Fraudulent : When a store staff marks an order as Fraudulent and later realizes it is not, the ‘Recover’ button will move the order to the ‘Pending’ status. When the order was first marked as Fraudulent, any payment authorization on the order would be voided. So, for ‘Recovered’ orders, a new payment should be added before processing the order

Tier 2

  • Store Merchandise Search : Store merchandise is now searchable by keyword or SKU. The Search form now includes a drop-down with options for Books and Store Merchandise. (Store merchandise with hyphen in the SKU are currently not searchable by SKU, we are working on addressing that issue)