IndieCommerce 2.0 Updates - December 5, 2022

Brand new features and updates have been rolled out to IndieCommerce 2.0 this week. Custom text in order confirmation email, Constant Contact for email marketing, retain customer contact information for guest checkout and more….

Tier 1 and Tier 2

  • Customize label for Customer’s Name : The label for the customer’s name that appears during checkout, in the customer profile page and on orders can now be customized by the store. Default label is ‘Preferred Name’. 
    • Commerce > E-commerce Settings > Customer Information
  • Customize text in Order Confirmation Emails : The text in the email body and footer can be customized for shipped and store pickup orders
    • Commerce > E-Commerce Settings > Order Emails
  • Restricted Pay At Store options : Do not allow Pay At Store for pre-orders, to guarantee payment for pre-orders even if picked up at the store
    • E-commerce Settings > Payment
  • Email Marketing Service
    • Constant Contact - Added integration for Constant Contact. Stores using CC should contact
      • Configure > Marketing & Analytics > Marketing > Email Marketing Services
    • Modal Pop-up : Controls are available to set the modal to appear on specific pages on your website. The pop-ups can also be delayed after landing on those pages
      • Configure > Newsletter Signups > Edit
  • Save customer contact information with orders : For both Guest checkout and when a customer is logged in when placing an order, the customer will be prompted to enter (update) contact information during checkout. The customer contact information (email, name and phone number) will be saved with the order and available to stores when processing the order.
  • Nexus County in Sales Tax Report : For stores using ‘Destination Based Sales Tax’, Sales Tax Report now includes the nexus state
    • Commerce > Reports > Tax Report
  • Financial Reports : This is work in progress
    • Commerce > Financial Reports

Tier 2

  • Restricted Store Pickup : Restrict store pickup to products that are in stock.
    • Dashboard > E-Commerce Settings > Shipping
  • Restricted Pay At Store options : Allow Pay At Store only for orders where all items in the order are in stock at the store
    • E-Commerce Settings > Payment
  • POS Integration : Export order information for online orders to the POS. We are currently working with Anthology and this is a work in progress.