Password Policy and other updates - November 15, 2023

Tier 1 and Tier 2

Password Policy : A password policy is in place for all admins, including Blog Authors. The strong password requirement is not enforced for your website customers. The policy includes the following:

  • Minimum password character types: 3
  • Number of passwords that will be checked in the user password update history: 4
  • Password character length of at least 10 characters
  • Password must not contain the user's username


‘You May Also Like’ - Recommended list of books : At the bottom of a book product page is a carousel with a list of recommended books. This list has been renamed from ‘Other Books Like This’ to ‘You May Also Like’ and the logic has been improved. We heard from a few stores who don’t agree with the list and would prefer not to show it. So, we made this optional. To remove this carousel from the book product page, you can disable this feature from

Dashboard > Configure > Site Settings > Book Recommendation Settings