Kobo eBooks, Website Logo, Paypal Payment Method

Tier 1 and Tier 2

Kobo eBooks : IndieCommerce 2.0 is fully integrated with Kobo and bookstores can offer ebooks from Kobo’s catalog. 

If you already have a Kobo Affiliate ID, you can start offering ebooks to your customers by enabling the feature.

  • Dashboard > Site Settings > Affiliate Partner Integrations > Kobo eBooks
  • ‘Enable affinity sites for search’ will enable searching for ebooks on your website’s search blocks (Header and the second search block on the homepage)

If you are looking for an ebook solution and would like to try Kobo, you can refer to the Kobo Program FAQ for more information.

High Resolution Logos : We have updated our resizing algorithm to render high quality logos on IC 2.0 websites. 

A logo before and after this update -

Before logo of second star to the right bookstore

After    logo of second star to the right bookstore

Custom Label for Paypal Payment Method : Are your customers hesitant to use the Paypal payment method because they are not sure if they need a Paypal account or can use their credit card (like any other Credit Card payment method)? We have a solution! You can customize the customer facing label of the Paypal payment method to something like ‘Paypal / Credit Card’

  • Dashboard > E-commerce Settings > Payment > Paypal > Settings page > Display Name