Feature Updates

Several new features and updates have been included in this release. We are working on the help documents for the new features, we  will update the blog soon with links to the help documents.

Tier 1 and Tier 2

  • Pricing by ISBN : 2 additional options have been added to discount / markup by percentage. Stores can now offer discount / markup by a fixed dollar amount (+$2, -$5) or use a set price for a book.
  • Checkout / Orders
    • (Bug fix) After an order is placed for a book, even if the availability status of the book changes to make it unavailable for future purchases, store staff will be able to process the order already placed
  • Order Processing
    • (Bug fix) While capturing payment for an order, the default capture amount filled in the amount field will be the current order balance, and not the original authorized amount
    • (Bug Fix)  When an order is placed for books with variations (inscriptions), store merchandise with additional information etc. all the details are now included in the admin order view. It is also included in the confirmation email and order receipts.

Tier 2 Only

  • Customer Roles : Stores can create special Roles (Frequent Buyer, Book Club Member etc.)  and assign the roles to a list of customer accounts. Customers with roles can be offered special promotions/coupons, shipping rates etc.
    • Dashboard > Manage > Users > Customer Roles
    • Dashboard > Manage > Users > Customers by Role
  • IBIDie and WordStock Gift Cards : Stores using IBIDie or WordStock POS can now offer their store gift cards online. Interested stores should contact their POS and IC staff.
  • Web pricing (taking into account discounts / markups on the website) will override Local Store Inventory price
  • POS Order Exporter
    • (Bug fix) When an order has multiple quantities of a book, the ‘itemprice’ column will show the per item price and not the total price (item price x quantity)