IndieCommerce Migration Update For April 7, 2023

Last month (March 2023), our plan was to begin migrating a group of 10 IndieLite stores over to the new IndieCommerce 2.0 (IC 2.0) platform. Based on how quickly those stores moved, we could then determine a rough timeline that we would share with stores who are waiting to be migrated from existing Indiecommerce and IndieLite websites, over to IC 2.0. We had to change that timeline as other work needed to be prioritized in March.

Getting Google’s new analytics platform, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) up and running on both IC 1.0 and the new 2.0 platform needed to be completed. The urgency was that the IndieCommerce migration timeline and the end of life for Google’s old “Universal Analytics” are going to overlap, so we had to enable all IC and IL stores to work with GA4. That new feature is now completed, tested and working. If your store has a GA4 ID please write to and we can enable it on your website. If you have not created a GA4 account you can find more information about how to proceed, here.

Another major feature we worked on in March was the current interface between the IndieCommerce 1.0 platform and Ingram’s Consumer Direct Fulfillment (CDF) system. For IC 2.0 that entire system has been completely rebuilt. We are currently testing CDF fulfillment on IC 2.0 with Ingram.. Many stores on the legacy IndieCommerce platform rely on CDF for their order fulfillment, so it is important that we finish that testing before migrating the sites to IC 2.0. 

While those unexpected features were being addressed last month other developers on our team are completing more new features for 2.0. So although we didn't start the migration last month as planned, the entire project has moved forward significantly.

Our goal for this month is to start the migration. Based on how quickly those first 10 IndieLite stores are moved to 2.0, we’ll then start the process of scheduling and setting up a timeline for migrating all IC and IL websites. 

As we’ve mentioned previously, no store is going to be left behind during this migration. We will work with your store to accommodate your needs during the migration. Please keep checking the blog page for further IC 2.0 migration updates. If you have any questions, please email