IndieCommerce Update

IndieCommerce 2.0 Update

April 4, 2024

Like most major construction projects, IndieCommerce 2.0 has had its fair share of delays. We know that has been frustrating for stores not just eager to transition to the new platform but desperately needing to modernize their website, ensure they are competitive, serve their customers needs, and optimize their online sales.

The ABA team working on this project are unwavering in this commitment and the project continues to be a top priority for ABA. 

The ABA Board has approved an additional $300K to help expedite as many store site migrations by the end of the year as possible.

Because there are so many variables (the size of your site, how long you've had a site, how many orders you've taken, how customized your site is, how much time you have to dedicate to the migration, how responsive other stores in process are, etc.) it’s impossible to layout a schedule for when all of the stores will be migrated. We know this is not just frustrating but difficult for you as you plan your spring and summer. The IndieCommerce 2.0 Migration FAQ and IndieCommerce 2.0 Migration Steps will give you a sense of what to expect.

Watch this blog for upcoming updates and info about ecommerce trends.

Allison K Hill (she/her/hers)
Chief Executive Officer