IndieCommerce 2.0 Migration Update

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Exciting stuff is happening with IndieCommerce 2.0. The work is progressing, and we are very happy with the feedback we've been receiving from stores that are live on the new platform. IndieCommerce 2.0 is a completely new platform with powerful new features and a fresh new design.

This is not a “freshening up” of the old Drupal 7 platform. We’ve taken 10 years of feedback from booksellers as well as bringing in outside consultants and have rebuilt everything from the ground up. This is an enterprise-level e-commerce platform, built specifically to support and serve thousands of independent bookstores and their customers.

There are currently 14 sites live on IC2.0 with another 25 in the process of building out their new websites.This first group of stores was selected because they are brand-new websites that were not previously on the current IndieCommerce platform. This means that they did not need to have any of their old content such as orders, events, customer information, custom products, reviews, etc. migrated to IC 2.0. This dramatically sped up the process of bringing these stores live and in doing so, they have been a tremendous help with building the platform and adding new features to it.

Migrating Your Store to IC2.0
All current IndieCommerce and IndieLite sites will be migrated to IC 2.0 (in different Tiers). The first step will be migrating store data to the new IC 2.0 platform.

  • IndieLite Stores
    Based on the progress we have made so far, the first batch of 10 IL sites to begin the migration will hear from us during the first week of March, following Winter Institute. The process will require your store’s staff to work closely with our support team.

    These first 10 IL stores will help us estimate the time needed to move a site from the current platform to the new one. That process includes migrating content, customers and orders; helping each bookstore configure their new IC 2.0 site with the migrated content; training the store staff for processing orders on the IC 2.0 site and finally taking their new IC 2.0 site Live. 

Based on migration time of those first 10 IL stores, we’ll be able to determine a viable timeline for migrating the remaining IL websites. We’ll then begin sending out invites via email to schedule the next round of migrations. When you receive that email, PLEASE promptly acknowledge that you have received it so that we can schedule your move. All IndieLite websites are being moved to what we call Tier 1 on IC2.0. For more details on Tier 1 features, click here (that page is updated frequently).

  • IndieCommerce 1.0 Stores
    Depending on the migration process for IndieLite stores, we will then be able to publish a viable timeline for moving IndieCommerce 1.0 websites to 2.0. Current IndieCommerce websites will be moving to Tier 2 on the new platform. You can view the current list of Tier 2 features here (that page is updated frequently).

  • New Stores
    As mentioned previously, stores that are new and do not need to have their IC1.0 or IL data migrated can reach out to our support team now at and they will work with you to get started on your 2.0 website.

We are going to be moving over 610 websites to the new platform. We need to do this without any service interruptions to the current platform or the new 2.0 platform. This is an extremely complex process that is being orchestrated by a very experienced team that is working very hard to get this completed as quickly as possible. We need your store’s help to make this happen. When we contact you regarding your migration, PLEASE follow the instructions in the email and reply to us promptly. During the migration to IC 2.0 all websites on the current platform will continue to be fully supported by our team. If you have any questions about your store's IndieCommerce or IndieLite website, please reach out to the support team at