Feature Updates - January 31, 2024

We are glad to roll out some critical updates and bug fixes before the IC team heads out to Cincinnati for Wi2024.

Tier 1 and Tier 2

  • Improved Order Processing : What is ‘Order Processing’? From receiving an online order in the ‘Pending’ status to processing shipments, capturing payments and finally ‘fulfilling’ an order involves several steps. The new and improved admin interface will walk store staff through the steps.
  • Large Orders : A ‘Large Order’ is any order with more than 15 items. Placing large orders as a customer, and processing these large orders as a store staff can be resource intensive resulting in glitches. We redesigned the checkout flow and order admin interface to give your customers and order processing staff a better experience.
  • Update Sell Price with List Price : It was reported by a few stores that the sell price of books on their website did not reflect the changes to the list price on iPage or publisher sites. We addressed this issue. The sell price will be updated promptly whenever the list price changes, if the default sell price is not overridden by the store (by LSI, various discount rules)
  • Other Fixes
    • Event page URL (will include the Event Title and not the Event Date)
    • Book product page on mobile devices
    • Blogs with multiple images
    • Site admin access to Webform fields