IndieCommerce 2.0 Updates - January 9, 2023

New updates and brand new features to IndieCommerce 2.0 have been rolled out this week -  Site Statistics on the Admin Dashboard, Sales Tax Holiday, Sales Tax Exemption, exporting orders to Anthology POS and PirateShip 

Tier 1 and Tier 2

  • Admin Dashboard - Site Stats : Offers a quick peek at some eCommerce stats like Total Revenue, Completed Orders and Products Sold over the past 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days. This data is visible only to Site Admins. We will look into adding more data in the future.
  • Tax Exemption : Customers eligible for sales tax exemption can now make tax-free online purchases. From their account profile, customers can provide their tax exemption ID and supporting documentation. A site admin can review these submissions on the Tax Exempt Report (Dashboard > Commerce > Reports > Tax Exempt Report) and approve or reject the submission. Customers with ‘approved’ tax exempt status can make tax-free online purchases.
  • Sales Tax Holiday : Stores can extend Sales Tax Holiday to online purchases by configuring the start and end dates. When enabled, all online orders will be tax-free. Dashboard > Commerce > E-Commerce Settings > Taxes > Enable Tax Exempt Holiday (this will be changed to Sales Tax Holiday)
  • Order Search By Order ID : Sometimes it may be necessary to look up an order just by the Order ID, if other information like order status, payment method etc. are unknown. It is now possible. Searching by Order ID will override all filter settings.
  • ‘Draft’ Orders : ‘Drafts’ are orders created by a site administrator on behalf of a customer. Site administrators can now see these listed under the ‘Drafts’ tab. The ‘Drafts’ will move to the Active Orders list when the order status is changed to ‘Pending’.  This is available at: Dashboard > Commerce > Active Orders
  • ‘Carts’ : These are carts that customers are currently working on and going through checkout. This will also include carts abandoned by customers. We will work on a feature to handle these abandoned carts. For now, these are listed under the ‘Carts’ tab.  This is available at: Dashboard > Commerce > Active Orders

Tier 2 Only

  • Always Allow In-Store Pickup For Giftcards : Stores can restrict in-store pickup for books that are in-stock without affecting gift cards. Gift Cards can always be eligible for in-store pickup and not controlled by the stock data.
  • Exporting Orders To Anthology : Stores using Anthology POS can contact to try out this feature
  • Integration with PirateShip : Stores using PirateShip can now export order information from the website to PirateShip to generate the shipping labels, and import the tracking information to the online orders. Stores interested in using this feature should contact