IndieCommerce 2.0 Features

Specifically designed for independent booksellers, IndieCommerce (IC) is a full featured e-commerce solution with powerful online marketing tools.

  • Tier 1 offers the e-commerce essentials for a low-cost web presence that is simple to maintain.
  • Tier 2 supports advanced features like Store Merchandise, In-Store Stock, Integration With POS, Multiple Store Locations and more.

(The comparison chart is a work in progress, please check again for updates)

Site Domain, SSL etc.
Feature Name Feature Description Tier 1 Tier 2
Site Domain
Use own domain for the website
SSL Certificate
Free SSL certificate for secure transactions
Theme & Design
Feature Name Feature Description Tier 1 Tier 2
Responsive & Mobile Friendly
Custom theme designed and developed for a bookstore website, optimized for mobile and tested on various devices
Multiple Designs
Can have multiple user friendly designs, with one being active
ADA Compliance
Built into the platform : Color picker with contrast checker, fonts, required alt text field for all images, slideshow with transition control, navigate using keyboard, ARIA labels, ADA compliance seal and more.
Multiple Design Elements
Can choose from 3 Headers options, multiple Call To Action blocks, Slideshow, Banner, upto 7 navigation icons, grid with 1 - 9 images and much more
Clean Admin Theme
Clean, powerful and accessible administration theme
Admin Dashboard
Clean and accessible front page of the admin UI, providing convenient and quick access for daily and common admin tasks
Message Center - NEW!!
A block in the Admin Dashboard for better communication between the IC team and the store staff, for the IC team to leave important messages from our team to yours.
Search & Browse
Feature Name Feature Description Tier 1 Tier 2
Book Search
Search the entire ABA's Book Database System by ISBN, Title, Author or Keyword
Audio Book Search
Include audio books in book search
eBook Search
Include Kobo eBooks in book search
Store Merchandise Search
Search for store merchandise by Title or SKU
Basic Browse
Browse by Category / BISAC Code, with filter and sort options
Customized Browse
Create new categories, edit or delete basic browse categories, promote specific categories
Predictive Search
Coming Soon...
Content Types
Feature Name Feature Description Tier 1 Tier 2
Customizable Homepage using the easy-to-use design elements like Header, Slideshow, CTAs, Image Row, Navigation Icons and more
Basic Page
Simple content type with a WYSIWYG editor for basic information. Supports file attachments and webforms.
Landing Page
Customizable page created for particular campaigns, promotions etc. with Product Lists and CTA blocks
Product Lists
A collection of books and store merchandise making it easy for customers to make a purchase. Can be a stand alone content and /or included on the Homepage and Landing Pages as carousels
Maintain store blogs tagged by categories
Events & Events Calendar
Single day and recurring events (weekly and monthly), feeding into a calendar with list view. Supports in-store, off-site and online events and links to third party services. Possible to promote books and store merchandise with events
Staff Reviews
Provide staff reviews per ISBN or for all formats of a title, displayed on the product page
Bulk Upload Of Staff Reviews
Upload multiple staff reviews in one .csv file
Online version of a store catalog with a catalog cover, multiple pages with books and store merchandise listed, banner images on catalog page etc.
Site Alerts
Display critical, time sensitive message across the homepage. Can control the 'Start Showing' and 'Stop Showing' dates.
Powerful and customizable for creating online forms and managing submissions
ABA Curated Lists
Includes Indie Next List, Indie Kids Next List, Reading Group Indie Next List and Indie Bestsellers
Curated Catalogs
Readily available to promote - ABC Group Best Books For Young Readers and Regional Holiday Catalogs
Independent Bookstore Day
Available to all participating stores - Marketing assets and Landing Page with the IBD products, ready to promote and sell online
Policy Pages
Privacy Policy, Return Policy, Shipping Policy, Terms & Conditions, ADA Compliance - Default copy provided for stores to customize
Books & Inventory
Feature Name Feature Description Tier 1 Tier 2
Inventory of 12 - 13 million titles
Titles with metadata available on all sites, at the time of launch.
Sync Store Inventory (Books)
Automated syncing of store inventory for books from the POS system, several times a day. Manually adjusting the stock per product is also possible, if needed
All Formats & Editions
All available formats (Paperback, Hardcover, Audio Books, eBooks etc.) and editions listed on the product page
Detailed Product Pages
Detailed description, cover image, reviews, annotations, customizable availability text, on-hand stock, all available formats etc.
Signed Copies - Advanced Feature
An advanced feature to create Signed Copies as variations for the 'parent' book, with a unique SKU. Options available for price, stock, custom description, inscription and a separate format listing. Search will have reference to the signed copy.
Signed Copies - Simpler Solution
Let customers know that signed copies of a book are available by simply enabling the 'Signed Copy' flag on the book. Customers can place orders for the signed copy or the regular book.
Used Copies
An easy solution to create used copies of books as variations of new books, with unique SKUs and different 'conditions'. Options available for price, stock and separate format listing. Search will have reference to the used copy
Books In Series
When viewing one book, other books in the series included in a carousel on the book product page
Preorder Titles
Promote and offer pre-order titles for purchase on the site, with several options for the pre-order window
Not For Sale
Option to suppress and block the purchase of specific titles of choice. Upload of 'Not For Sale' titles in bulk is possible for Tier 2 sites
Remove Books
Remove certain books from being available on the site, customers will not be able to find it via search
Bulk Upload of Not For Sale / Removed Titles
Upload a file with a list of ISBNs
Banners / Badges
'PREORDER', 'STAFF PICK', 'DISCOUNTED', 'NEW RELEASE', 'SIGNED' banners / badges added to books automatically. (SIGNED is only for Tier 2)
Merchandise & Inventory
Feature Name Feature Description Tier 1 Tier 2
Store Merchandise
Offer unlimited number of merchandise (grouped by category) unique to the store
Non-Shippable Store Merchandise
'Store merchandise' that are not shippable products like event tickets and services like memberships
Store Merchandise with Clothing Variations
Clothing related attributes like size and color are readily available to create store merchandise with different combinations.
Option to sell Subscription Boxes or services. Comes with various options for data.
Sidelines From Wholesaler
Calendars, maps, book-like sidelines, board games, puzzles etc. available on all sites at the time of launch
Event Tickets
Event Tickets as non-shippable store merchandise, good for virtual and in-person events
Sync Store Inventory
Automated syncing of store inventory for Store Merchandise from the POS system, several times a day. Manually adjusting the stock per product is also possible, if needed
Bulk Upload of Store Merchandise
(Coming soon) Create several store merchandise from one .csv file
Gift Registry
For customers to create and share a list of products, between a gift giver and receiver. Stores can help create a registry for institutions like schools.
eCommerce - General
Feature Name Feature Description Tier 1 Tier 2
Guest Checkout
No account necessary to place an online order. Only information required are name, email and phone number
Flatrate Shipping Methods
Multiple custom rates - Flat rate, Flat rate + per item, Flat rate per item with options for additional conditions per shipping method
Pickup Options
In-Store Pickup, Curbside Pickup, Off-site Pickup
Payment Options (CC, Paypal, Pay At Store)
Pay At Store, Credit Card and Paypal are currently supported. Coming Soon - Square
Sales Tax Options
Source Based and Destination Based sales tax, tax for shipping and coupon discounts. Non-taxable product categories can be excluded from sales tax
Tax Exemption
Organizations and customers exempt from sales tax can make tax free online purchases
Sales Tax Holiday
Offer tax free sales during Sales Tax Holiday for all online purchases
Fraud Alert
Point based logic to alert store staff of possible fraudulent orders
Promotions & Coupons
Coupons and Promotions (with or without coupons) with various options
IndieCommece Digital Gift Cards
Built-in IndieCommerce Digital Gift Card available to all stores at no cost. Customers can purchase these Digital Gift Cards, have them emailed to a recipient, who in turn can redeem it online towards a purchase
Gift Receipt
Customers can request and receive gift receipts for orders
Payment Options (Digital Gift Cards)
IndieCommerce Digital Gift Cards can be used to pay for an order, these are treated as 'adjustments' on the order.
Payment Option (Givex Gift Cards)
Givex Gift Cards can be used to pay for an order, these are treated as 'adjustments' on the order.
Abandoned Cart Management
Automatically email customers who have started, but not finished, their orders, and make it easy to resume them.
eCommerce - Order Processing
Feature Name Feature Description Tier 1 Tier 2
Store Fulfillment
Process and ship orders from the store, or process for store pickup
Wholesaler Fulfillment
Mark the order for Customer Direct Fulfillment and have it shipped from a wholesaler (Ingram) directly to the customer, with a single click.
Manage Orders
Edit and process customer orders, create new orders on behalf of customers
Order Tagging
Multiple, custom, color coded tags to tag orders. Each order can have multiple tags
Manage Payments
Multiple payments per order, with options to capture, void, refund or cancel payments
Manage Shipments
Multiple shipments per order, each with its own tracking information updated on the order and shared with the customer
Bulk Operations
Process in bulk - Orders, Order by SKU, Payments and Printing Invoices
Pick Lists
Downloadable list of ordered items with availability information to streamline order processing and packaging of orders
Order Reports
Sales Report; Sales Report by SKU; Customer Report; Sales Tax Report; Tax Exempt Report; Coupon Usage Report; Sales Tracking from Product Lists, Landing Pages and Catalogs
Financial Reports
Credit Card Charge Report, Paypal Charge Report, Gift Card Report, Commission Report, Transaction Report for wholesaler fulfilled orders
Handling Large Orders
An improved experience for customers and store staff processing orders
Search Orders by Customer Name
Make it possible for stores to search orders by customer name and not just by email.
Integration With POS Systems
Feature Name Feature Description Tier 1 Tier 2
Manage Inventory
An automated upload of stock inventory from the POS to the website, multiple times a day, for books and store merchandise. Available for Anthology, Booklog, Basil, IBIDie, WordStock and iMRCHNT
Sync Online Orders To The POS
Automated, at regular intervals, making it easier for stores to process online orders on the POS.
Available for Anthology, Basil, Booklog, IBIDie and WordStock POS, working on the other POS systems, one at a time.
Gift cards
Available for IBIDie and WordStock. Coming soon for iMRCHNT
Integration With Third Party Services
Feature Name Feature Description Tier 1 Tier 2 - Audio Books
Audio Books - Search option for audio books and 'Digital-Audio' format included on the book product page
Kobo - eBooks
Kobo eBooks - Search option for ebooks and ebook format included on the book product page
PirateShip - Shipping
Basic integration with PirateShip to export order shipping information to print shipping labels and import tracking information
Givex Gift Cards - Gift Cards & Payment
Offer physical and e-gift cards for purchase on the website, balance check and redeem the gift cards towards an online purchase
Constant Contact
Email Marketing, Newsletter Signup - standard form or modal
Email Marketing, Newsletter Signup - standard form or modal
Email Marketing, Newsletter Signup - standard form or modal - Shipping
Basic integration with to export order shipping information to print shipping labels and import tracking information
Social Media, GA & Email Marketing
Feature Name Feature Description Tier 1 Tier 2
Social Media
Built in icons to support Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, Vimeo, YouTube
Email Marketing
Integrated with Mail Chimp, Constant Contact and MyEmma (could expand to other services in the future). Supports Newsletter signup forms on a page or modal
Google Analytics
Support for Universal and GA4
Meta tags, Schema, Site Verification
Features Under Development
Feature Name Feature Description Tier 1 Tier 2
Payment Method - Square
Use Square as an option for credit card payment
Integration With Shipping Solutions
Export orders to shipping solutions - ShipStation
Independent Bookstore Day
Automatically create Indie Bookstore Day products and landing page for participating stores only.
Support For Multiple Locations
House Account Payment Method
Purchase Order Payment Method
Gift Wrapping
Coupon Usage Report
Sales Tracking Report - Product Lists, Landing Pages, Catalogs
Remainders / Sale Books