Feature Updates for IC 2.0 - June 22, 2023

Tier 1 and Tier 2

  • Ingram Customer Direct Fulfillment : Stores now have the option to send orders directly from their website to Ingram for direct shipment to the customer. Not all orders will be eligible for CDF. Eligible orders will have the ‘Send to Ingram’ button. Orders not eligible for CDF will list the reasons. Interested stores should contact the IC team (staff@bookweb.org)
  • Updates to Ingram CDF : (For stores already using this feature) Orders with 'Free Shipping' will also be eligible for Ingram CDF.

Tier 2

  • Givex Gift Card : Stores using the Givex Gift Card service at the store can extend that functionality to their websites. Customers can purchase gift cards, check balance on gift cards and redeem these gift cards for online purchases. Interested stores should contact the IC team (staff@bookweb.org)
  • Integrated with Booklog POS : Orders from the website can be exported to the POS, and this process can be automated. Interested stores should contact your Booklog POS representative and the IC team (staff@bookweb.org)


Total Live Sites : 29

IL / IC sites in the migration process : 7 IndieLite & 4 IndieCommerce (simpler sites)