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IndieCommerce 2.0 Migration Update - February 3, 2023

The team has been focused on development, working on features like Ingram CDF, integration with Givex and the Subscription product. Testing of migration for IndieLite sites continues. Starting February/01, orders placed on Live site will be flagged for the 1% online commission


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IndieCommerce 2.0 Update - August 2022

In the first weeks of August, we handed over the first IC 2.0 sites to our initial group of ABA member stores, and they are hard at work populating their new sites with content. While working on their new sites, these stores have been providing our developers and support staff with invaluable feedback and suggestions.

As a result of their insights, the IndieCommerce development team and our project partners from Lullabot have pushed out some excellent new features and improvements.As each of these is completed by the development team, they then undergo extensive testing prior to the new code being merged back into each store’s 2.0 website.

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